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About TAM Gallery (The Arts-Mart Gallery)

TAM Gallery is a multi-platform art organization that comprises of both online and offline galleries, an exhibition space and events venue. The gallery mission is to connect audiences worldwide with both up-and-coming as well as established contemporary Egyptian artists; providing the space, information and opportunities to establish a better appreciation of Egypt’s thriving art industry.
With around 2500 art pieces and a continuously expanding portfolio of over 150 contemporary Egyptian artists, is the leading online art gallery in Egypt and the Middle East, and it’s physical counterpart is Cairo’s largest art space. The gallery also offers services such as secondary market opportunities, specially commissioned art and art advisory for commercial, residential and corporate clients worldwide.
The Arts-Mart Gallery was launched in 2012 by Lina Mowafy, Dina Shaaban and Hatem Zaazou.

How it Started

Childhood friends and Co-founders Dina Shaaban and Lina Mowafy have always had an appreciation for the world of art. They both studied art at university but decided to pursue other careers due to the limited opportunities of the Egyptian art scene at the time. Years later, in 2009, they developed the concept for TAM Gallery: a virtual and physical space that bridged the gap between their growing network of talented contemporary artists looking for a new platform to sell and promote their work, and consumers interested in experiencing and buying unique contemporary art.

About the Founders

Dina Shaaban

Despite dreaming of an art career as a child, Dina was raised to think of art as a hobby rather than a profession, so instead she pursued a degree in economics at the American University in Cairo with a minor in art. After several years of working as an economist and buying art, Dina joined forces with Lina and Hatem Zaazou to found Arts Mart in 2012. Art in economic terms has value that appreciates over time, she says. As a fundamental part of the economy, and artists deserve the opportunity to make a living creating it.'

Lina Mowafy

Having graduated from the American University in Cairo with a degree in art, Lina found the local art scene to be incapable of receiving and promoting emerging talent. This deterred her from pursuing a career as an artist. Years later, it was that very deterrent that inspired her and Dina to create Arts Mart. Egypt is not short on talent, nor is it short on an appreciative audience, she says. I truly believe art is a language everyone understands.

Hatem Zaazou

With over twenty years of experience in marketing consultancy, Hatem has tapped his innate understanding of new markets and changing trends into creating an endless stream of highly successful brands. He has a strong interest in photography and passionately believes in the potential of young people, and he is committed to applying his extensive work experience to nurturing and encouraging fresh artistic talent.