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Walking the Line: Azza Fahmy Design Studio Exhibit

KM 28, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, before Dandy Mall and behind Total petrol station, Cairo, Egypt.

Wednesday,01 June 2016 (06:30 PM)

ArtsMart is pleased to present the latest exhibition of jewellery created by the students of the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy, opening on June 1st at 6:30PM and running until June 5th.

‘WALKING THE LINE’ is the end of semester presentation of the fruit of labour of 13 students, celebrating their achievements and performance.

The opening night will include an inspiring panel discussion featuring Azza Fahmy and Doris Maninger of Alchimia School in Florence, among others.

The design studio’s exhibit will display the designs of its student graduates, who could be the leading Egyptian designers of the future, after their education at the hands of award-winning jewellery designer, Azza Fahmy, one of Egypt’s leading icons in the world of fashion and design..

Six panelists will also share their experience with jewelry, how they started their journeys, and where they stand now. The panelists work is on display too; a curated selection of their life’s achievements, showing a variety of possibilities in the field.

Jewelry making and design is about innovating traditional techniques, mixing with concept and alternative processes that generate new meaning to the craft. Each of the students, and panelists have gone through diverse experiences to develop their own originality, showcased during this exhibition.

Exhibiting students:
Hind Al Hafez, Yasmin El Wakil, Marwa Ramadan, Yasmin Kourah, Reham Selim, Mariam Al Taher, Reham Sabri, Ayah Al Dossary, Dina Soliman, Zeinab Salem, Adam Yousry, Sarah Zaki, Amira Ayad

Azza Fahmy, Doris Maninger, Sami Amin, Khaled El Samman, Reem Jano, and Amira Ayad

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