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The Artists of Tomorrow 2015

Arts Mart Gallery, KM 28, Cairo Desert Road, Next to Dandy Mall

Saturday,31 January 2015 (11:16 PM)

Showcasing seven of the current up-and-coming artists who have been specifically selected for their incredible talent, wide artistic range, individual style, vision, quality and consistency, Arts Mart gallery is to become a hub for the appreciation of Egypt’s most impactful and promising artists.

The talents on display and not to be missed are Mohamed El Damarawy with his works full of special and unique character, Mohamed Rabie with artworks rich in Egyptian heritage, works by Aya El Fallah documenting her emotional and mental states throughout time, a very talented Lina Mowafy exploring the challenges of living in Cairo, Mohamed El Sharkawy depicting every day events in Cairo, El Zaeem Ahmad with his art filled with very life like characters and Omar Abdel Zaher with his humorous portrayals of Egyptian women.

The gallery space is being transformed into a maze that will guide you through the artistic expression of the artists that pose the best current investment in the art scene. Thus, the exhibition takes on new levels for it is the first time the artists are being portrayed in this light, not to mention it being the first time that upcoming talents are being showcased as a unified group of selected and promising artists.

For further information, please review the exhibition catalogue here.