Prices include international shipping to the nearest port or airport


Where is Arts-Mart based?
Our headquarters are in Cairo, Egypt, where we operate our various business entities, including our school and art gallery. We are proud to have a diverse network of incredibly talented artists that expands beyond Egypt to the Arab and international art markets.  Arts-Mart is an active participant in international art fairs and biennales, where we constantly look out for new artistic talent and valuable art investments.

I’m interested in buying an art piece, but I’m not sure it suits my space. What can I do?
We offer our clients in Cairo a Try before You Buy service, where you select the artwork you like, and one of our representatives will deliver it to your space, so that you can determine if it matches your room’s design or theme. If you decide to keep it, our representative will take your payment. If you change your mind, we’ll pack it up and send it back to our warehouse. This service is valid only in Cairo. Conditions apply.

How do I create an artist account on Arts-Mart?
Please click on the Sign-Up button and follow the easy instructions closely. If you are still unable to sign up, please call (+2)01000773860 or email us at

How do I apply to be part of the Arts-Mart community?
Applying to Arts-Mart is easy and quick: create an artist account on our website, then upload your artwork. Once your profile is approved by our admins, we will contact you to arrange delivering your art to our storage space. Your art will be published on the website for thousands of buyers to view.

Why must I use my original name to sign up online?
We recommend you use your real name for creating the artist membership in order to build a strong and real relationship with clients. You must also sign all your paintings with your real name to help us identify you as the real artist. Some buyers prefer to only buy signed art.

Why does Arts-Mart have to store my artwork?
We are an online gallery that enables buyers to purchase your art anytime and from anywhere. We need to ensure that your artwork is available immediately for delivery once a client places an order.

What if something happens to my art?
We are a reputable gallery and hold complete responsibility for all the artwork in our possession. In the rare case of damaged art, a full refund will be made to the artist.

What if I want my art back?
The gallery reserves the right to hold the artwork for six months from the date it is published online. Once six months have passed, if you change your mind and want your work back, you can contact us to collect any unsold items from our showroom space in Cairo, and we will remove the items from our website accordingly.

Who determines the price of the art?
Artists price their own artwork while taking into consideration the gallery’s commission. We will contact you if we find your price to be too low or too high, and offer our suggestions as to a more appropriate price to ensure that all prices are competitive yet fair. The final selling price is up to you.

How will Arts-Mart promote me and my work?
We do a lot to promote our artists. Our team will ensure your work is visible to the right people at the right time, both online and offline. We hold several major exhibitions and events a year that attract large crowds, including first-time buyers and expert collectors. We also actively promote our artists and their work through our social media channels: our Facebook page and Instagram account  are regularly updated with new portfolios and profiles, and we keep our clients up to date with your news via our Turpentine Magazine and biweekly newsletter.

Can my art be sold internationally?
Yes! We’re an online gallery that sells and ships internationally.

I have more questions, how can I reach you directly?
Please contact us. We will be happy to help.