Prices include international shipping to the nearest port or airport

Acquiring art is more than just a buying experience; you’re adding a new aesthetic element to your life, a new story to your living space, a new value to your identity.

We want to make sure you pick the right piece, and to make your experience even more enjoyable, we offer a Try Before you Buy service to our Cairo-based clients.

Select the artwork you’re interested in buying, and an Arts-Mart representative will bring it to your Cairo location at a fee. You’ll get to ‘try’ the art piece in your home where you can hang it on a wall, see if it fits with your colour scheme, space design and other wall decorations; all for a limited time. If you decide to buy it, just make the payment to our on-hand representative and it’s all yours! If it’s not the right choice for you, we’re happy to take it back to our headquarters for a fee.

This service is only available in Cairo. Conditions apply. For more information about this service, please contact us.